Speaking & Training

Cheryl provides engaging speeches and training sessions centered on promoting optimal well-being and work performance through understanding yourself, finding your ideal job, and balancing your career & wellness. Speeches and trainings are tailored to meet your goals.

To book Cheryl for your speaking engagement, please visit the Meeting Planners page or contact her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Speaking topics may include but are not limited to:

Love Your Career through Understanding Yourself

  •   • Values: Prioritize the Things You Value Most
  •   • Identify Your Career Interests and Preferences
  •   • Discover How Your Personality Can Lead You to a Career and Life You Love
  •   • Determine the Skills You Want to Use in Your Career
  •   • Lifeline: Using Your Past Experiences to Create a Future Career and Life You Love
  •   • Family and Social Influencers: Understand How the People in Your Life Could be Encouraging or Distracting You

Love Your Career through Finding Your Ideal Job

  •   • Hidden Job Market: Four Steps to Capitalize on Unadvertised Jobs
  •   • Informational Interviews: Explore Opportunities to Find Your Ideal Job
  •   • Mock Interviews: Practice Before the Big Day!
  •   • Resumes and Cover letters: Refine Your Message
  •   • Job Interviews: Making a Great First Impression
  •   • Negotiating a Job Offer When the Salary is Not Ideal

Love Your Career by Balancing Your Career & Wellness

  •   • Creating Overall Balance in Your Work and Life
  •   • Career Wellness: How Your Career Can Impact Your Overall Well-Being
  •   • Challenge at Work: The Effect of Your Career on your Intellectual Well-Being
  •   • Happy at Work? The Impact of Your Career on Your Emotional Well-Being
  •   • Social Support Systems: How Your Career Relationships Can Influence Your Social Well-Being
  •   • Is Your Career Healthy For You? The Impact of Your Career on Your Physical Well-Being

  • Spiritual Fulfillment: Does Your Career Increase Your Spiritual Well-Being?