Graduate Courses Completed

Ph.D. Counselor Education (University of Florida)

EDH 6040 Theories of College Student Developmentgatorback
EDF 6215 Learning Theory
EDF 6403 Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research
EDF 6471 Survey Design and Analysis in Educational Research
EDF 7491 Evaluation in Educational Products and Systems
HSC 6695 Worksite Health Promotion
MHS 7600 Consultation Procedures
MHS 7730 Seminar in Counseling Research
MHS 7979 Advanced Research
MHS 7890 Doctoral Research (Dissertation)
SDS 6936 Integrative Doctoral Seminar
SDS 6938 Personality and Advanced Counseling Theories
SDS 6938 Career Development in Academia
Practica and Internships
MHS 7610 Practicum in Counseling Supervision (90 Hrs)
MHS 7840 Internship in Counselor Education (1387 Hrs)
MHS 7946 Internship in Agency Program Mgmt-Clinical Coordinator (800 Hrs)

M.Ed, Ed.S Mental Health Counseling (University of Florida)

CACREP Core and Clinical Courses
MHS 5005 Introduction to Counseling
MHS 6000 Family Violence
MHS 6020 Counseling in Community Settings
MHS 6061 Spiritual Issues in Multicultural Counseling
MHS 6071 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders
MHS 6200 Assessment in Counseling and Development
MHS 6340 Career Developmentgatorfront
MHS 6401 Counseling Theories and Applications
MHS 6428 Multicultural Counseling
MHS 6430 Introduction to Family Counseling
MHS 6440 Marriage Counseling
MHS 6450 Substance Abuse Counseling
MHS 6471 Sexuality and Mental Health
MHS 6480 Developmental Counseling Over the Lifespan
MHS 6500 Group Counseling: Theory and Practice
MHS 6720 Professional Identity and Ethics in Counseling
MHS 6905 Individual Work
MHS 7740 Research in Counseling and Development

Teaching, Practica & Internships
MHS 6940 Supv Teaching: SDS 3340 Career & Lifespan Development
MHS 6940 Supv Teaching: SLS 2303 Job Strategies at Career Resource Center
MHS 7804 Group Supervision for Internship at Career Resource Center
MHS 7800 Practicum in Counseling at Career Resource Center (400 Hours)
MHS 6831 Split Internship at Career Resource Center - 1st semester (300 Hrs)
MHS 7830 Split Internship at Career Resource Center – 2nd semester (300 Hrs)

M.S. Human Resource Management (Troy University)

HRM 6601 Legal Environments of Employment Decisions
HRM 6602 Research Techniques
HRM 6603 Human Resource Management
HRM 6623 Training & Human Resource Development
HRM 6632 Compensation & Benefits
HRM 6640 Human Resources Staffing
HRM 6698 Strategic Human Resource Management
MAN 6676 Organizational Behavior
MAN 6674 Ethics in Business
MAN 6696 Financial Analysis
Special thanks to Bryant Hawkins (artist) for creating the wonderful designs found on this page that were created for the Career & Lifespan Development class that I taught for several years. Also, a thanks to Scott Roberts ( who served as my teaching assistant for my final semester and donated t-shirts to the entire class so they could advertise that they are following their dreams!