Travels & Fun

It is often impossible to completely separate our personal and professional lives. Therefore, I strive to maintain a healthy balance between the two and use the tools that I have gained in both to inform key decisions in my life. I have a variety of close friends and family with whom I am happy to share my life, especially my husband, Mark, and mom, Georganne. Mark is the Informations Systems Director at Environmental Consulting & Technologies and my guide in website development and taking time for myself. My mom is a constant check on balance, inspiring me to integrate daily wellness into my life.

In addition to maintaining a career I love as an assistant professor, I strive to maintain a healthy balance by eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and relaxing. I enjoy walking, biking, tennis, dancing, and entertainment such as reality TV, plays, movies, and documentaries. My favorites are true stories about people, health, weather, and the environment.

When I have the time, I enjoy traveling for conferences, special events, or vacation and often bring along a travel partner (Mark or mom). Over the past 30 years, I have been to over 50 countries on 6 continents. Mark and I even hosted two high school exchange students from Germany and Norway for a school year (2016-2017) which was an amazing experience and expanded our family! I love learning about different cultures, geography, history, and traditions.

A few recent highlights included visiting our exchange students in Norway and Germany (2017), immersing myself in the Bosnian history and culture for two weeks with a group of university faculty (2017), cruising the beautiful Croatian coast (2017); taking a Smokey Mountain road trip across 5 states (2015); cruising the Hawaiian islands (2014); visiting the Great Wall in China (2013); cruising the Southern Caribbean islands (2013); weathering a snowstorm with family in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (2013); taking a Pacific Coast road trip from San Francisco to San Diego (2012); seeing Sedona and the Grand Canyon in Arizona (2010); meeting the rest of my husband's family in Germany (2009); visiting the pyramids, temples of Egypt, and a river cruise down the Nile (2007); and enjoying two Alaskan cruises (2005, 2008). Other fun travels have included conferences in Hawaii, Denver, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Williamsburg; weddings in Florida, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin; and other cruises to Mexico, Honduras, Belize, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos, San Juan, Grand Cayman, Roatan, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Oahu, Hawaii, March 2014     Great Wall, Beijing, China, September 2013    Alaskan Glacier, August 2008     Giza Plateau, May 2007    

Oahu, Hawaii

March 2014

Great Wall, China

September 2013

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

August 2008

Giza Plateau, Egypt

May 2007